September 2009 Update

Signs Enroute to Valley of Motorsports

At F1 Brawn HQ in England in
Valley of Motorsports

Blazer with Wind Turbine Inlet and Thermal Collector

Wind Turbine

4th Regen Retrofit Shock



April 2009 Update

3rd Generation Shock with help from
Fox Racing

Electric Mechanic Dan with new Zilla Controller and updated diesel Genset

New Roof Rack installed for solar collectors



November 2008 Update

Hydraulic Pump Shock

Engine Bay


Sept 2008 Update

Hydraulic Shock Replacement that does
the work

Accumulator - this long thin device stores
the hydraulic energy

Accumulator and hydraulic motor attached
to the alternator

Blazer in Shop

Front Grill

Old Engine

New Engine

Underneath Engine View

Battery Packs


June 2008
Electric motors and Batteries - foundation of propulsion package