Physics Lab of Lake Havasu                         


Retrofitting heavy vehicles with renewable, regenerative technology
to increase MPG.

Physics Lab of Lake Havasu produces the Regen EV Shock. It is a retrofit shock component which generates electricity from previously wasted heat energy. The shocks are independent alternators and can replace the engine driven alternator on a heavy vehicle to increase MPG, run accessories, and generate hydrogen for further decreases in fuel consumption. The units will help buses, fleets, and other heavy vehicles increase fuel efficiency by exploiting their weight to produce electricity.

5 Sexy Alternative Fuel Cars We Love
    ECOZOME JOURNAL - November 6, 2009
     by Jen Pennington
     Photos by Robert J. Pennington

Sometimes it’s not the outside of the car that’s sexy, but a unique feature that draws all the attention. Such is the case with Physics Lab’s Regen-EV-Shocks on their “Big Green” Chevy Blazer. The SUV uses its shocks to generate electricity to the battery from the up and down motion of the vehicle as it travels down the road.
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The new currency to power vehicles is electricity. Our team is exploiting the laws of physics, by using regenerative, and renewable energy sources, to update this vehicle's drivetrain. This retrofit will show how that technology can be transferred to existing vehicles, as well as OEM vehicles of the future.

One such component of this retrofit, manufactured by Physics Lab of Lake Havasu, is Regen EV Shocks, which allow electricity to be generated from hydraulic shocks located on a vehicle. Click here to view an interactive demo of this component.

The ReGen EV Shock is a waste energy scavenging technology. The shocks recover wasted kinetic energy and produce electricity. This allows heavy and off-road vehicles to exploit all the available energy in their surroundings, increasing EV range, fuel efficiency, and decreasing emissions. The regenerative shock improves overall vehicle energy efficiency.

The ReGen EV Shock offers an even greater advantage when combined with regenerative braking. The regenerative suspension works whenever the vehicle is moving, not just upon braking. The ReGen EV Shock from the Physics Lab of Lake Havasu is a regenerative suspension that can both augment and surpass the fuel efficiency benefits derived from regenerative braking systems.

This is Green technology and is renewable. The electricity produced on board a vehicle with ReGen Ev Shocks helps to move the Unites States away from fossil fuels, and toward new types of vehicular energy, namely electricity and on board hydrogen production.


"Alternative" fueled vehicles will become "Mainstream" in the future.

PHEV's are America's bridge to declaring energy independence.